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Interview with David Bailey – About Landscapes

DB: I’ve just done some landscapes and I’ve made them as bad as possible.

AGD: Why?

DB: Because they’re more interesting.

AGD: What makes them bad?

DB: Bad composition, no point of view. I’ll do a book of them eventually. I can’t go out and do another beautiful landscape because anyone can do that now, especially with digital and computers. There’s nothing wrong with digital – I think the soldiers in Afghanistan were mostly on digital – but digital’s for the right job. It’s ‘being there’ photography, you know? I see no credit in going to a film set and photographing film stars and hanging them on the wall. That’s not a portrait; it’s a press call, even though it’s over John Huston’s shoulder.

AGD: What makes something a portrait in your opinion?

DB: The basic, generic thing is that someone knows that you’re taking their picture.

I like David Bailey.550 _home_katemoss

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